Play dough set TM Lovin`Do Show box 60 sticks 35 g each 41011

Play dough set TM Lovin`Do Show box 60 sticks 35 g each.

Packing: cardboard box.

Contents: 60 sticks of play dough 35 g each

You can now create a real masterpiece by choosing the right amount of sticks from the show box. The widest palette with three dozen colors will satisfy the most demanding customer.

Maximum availability, the ability to choose your favorite colors and the traditional quality of the dough for modeling TM «Lovin’Do» will help your baby to duplicate exactly what he has conceived.

The entire assortment is allowed by the Health Ministry  and does not contain any harmful substances. The “100% NATURAL ” icon can be seen on the packaging of the dough.

Designed especially for toddlers, it has all the qualities and characteristics: safety, softness, ease of work, pleasant appearance and aromat. After several days, the finished product hardens and retains its shape.

Process of modeling with of salty dough is not only  interesting but also a very useful exercise, since fine motor skills of the hands are directly related to the development of language, thinking, attention, imagination, visual and motor memory.

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