Play dough set TM Lovin`Do 6 colors Neon 41010

Play dough set TM Lovin`Do 6 colors Neon

Packing: cardboard box.

Contents: 6 sticks of play dough 35 g each, keeping bags, plastic knife instruction

Molding from salty dough is an exciting lesson, which brings pleasure to both adults as well as children. Salty dough is a great, easy-to-use material, from which you can make a lot of interesting products. From small souvenirs to large paintings radiating the warmth of the hands of a small wizard and home coziness.

Play with modeling dough is not only an interesting but also very useful activity. Fine motor skills of the hands are directly related to the development of language, thinking, attention, imagination, visual and motor memory.

Available, easy-to-use set for modeling TM Lovin’Do “NEON 6 COLORS” contains the best colors for the original bright 3D products. All the colors of the set are mixed with each other.

ТМ «Lovin’Do» – creativity makes closer!

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