Set of experiments ТМ MrBoo “DIY slime-antistress” LUUMI A80007

А80007 Set of experiments ТМ MrBoo “DIY slime-antistress” LUUMI

In the set of experiments “Mr. Boo »« Do it yourself. slime-antistress. Lumi has all the necessary ingredients to create a slime-antistress that glows in the dark. A bowl of glycerine, miracle packets, two plastic cups of different sizes, a plastic spoon and accessories with detailed instructions.

Soft, with extraordinary plasticity, does not stick with active play and stretching, does not leave color on the hands, easily removes from hard surfaces. The gentle slime-antistress coolly crushes in his hands, and shines in the dark.

In the process of making a slime, every child feels like a young chemist, or even a genius-researcher. And if friends come together, then the game will turn into a secret laboratory where everyone is an important scientist.

The set contributes to the development of attention, endurance, thinking, imagination of memory and small motility. The result will surprise you! And the effect of glow in the dark will demonstrate the chemical process.

A pleasant to the touch of a slime causes a flurry of emotions both for children and adults.

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