Slime-gum Mr.Boo with bugs 40g A80009

Slime-gum Mr.Boo with bugs 40g

The showbox contains 63 transparent plastic cups with caps. Each 40-gauge cup is filled with a translucent viscous substance with a slight shade of color and a plastic beetle or insect. The color palette in the cups consists of 24 colors.

Insects, bugs, slippery little snakes crawled into your antistress slime. Such a baby will instantly cheer everyone who sees him. The plastic toy in the middle of the cup details the appearance and color of the living creatures that hide around us. Slime will surely appeal to all boys, and adults will not leave the set without attention.

Add to your day the vivacity with the brand “Mr. Boo”. Gentle, translucent antistress with an interesting secret will cheer everyone. A plastic bottle with a tight lid will retain the viscosity of the mucus for a long time.

Soft, with extraordinary plasticity, does not stick to the hands of an active game and stretching, does not leave color on the hands, it is easily removed from hard surfaces and coolly crunching in hands.

“Slime-gum Mr.Boo with bugs” will cheer everyone who sees him!

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